3.5″ past digging

I had an old 3.5″ internal hard that I brought with me to Montreal 2 years ago. The data in the hard was for my PC back in Iran that had everything I had since 2000ish all in folders so messed up it took me awhile to see who I was and what happened that now this is me.

I have folders named “Desktop Sep04” to “New Desktop” that was for around 2010, and all sort of other stuff. Also I found lots of notes for back then that I had never looked at since today.

It was kind of weird in a sense that some of them could have been written these days. the pain of life and all those things that would start on teenage years and it depends on how you interpret them they would come with you to adulthood maybe in a passive form.

but I learned some points from this hard disk digging:

  • Start writing right NOW
  • Categorize what you have in any form you can, it would save you lots of time later
  • Deal with the past, it would become heavier to carry on if you don’t
  • Forget about your Ex’s! They had their shots and the blew it!! maybe you can see the love you had in your notes but it long gone and it’d better this way
  • Bookmarking your “reading to-do” is a waste of bytes even bytes are pretty cheap these days, you’d never read them again
  • have an Index for your life as for any other thing
  • Prioritize your goals and living style
  • musics you listen too might become repetitive after a while but have all of them around! you’d never know which one had an influence on you unless you listen to them in the future
  • have STANDARDs for everything! there would be no certificate or ISO for how you think but there should be one for each individual
  • Stop all the BS’

and a lot more that I have for now experienced the feelings but not yet able to come to a conclusion of the nature of these feelings to be able to write them down.

Hope we all go clouds someday! (lol?)


{This post is more of a note2self}


Yazd, Iran

Yazd, Iran



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