bitcoinbuilder, mtgox and all the forgotten hopes


As the time passes I focus more and more on bitcoins and put more energy and time one the whole idea. My personal reason is not money, but it’s unstability. Somehow in the course of life, Recently I decided to go as unstable as possible with highs as the sun and downs as … (let’s not go there). For Bitcoins the fun part is anything could affect the price, Apple removes some apps, russians and chinese talk about bitcoins, the rise and fall of SR and SR2, anything… even a friday night could have some impacts on the price of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a really interesting thing happening to finance and digital world, no one could predict it goes this viral.

I’m writing this blog for people who knows what is going on till this date in bitcoin world.

Mtgox price from Feb 20 to 22 2014

Mtgox price from Feb 20 to 22 2014


One rumour is the high sloped down side of the price in mtgox started by their own people to lower the price of bitcoin to be able to buy back the bitcoins they lost. it may or may not be true but I think it could be a good strategy to get out of the disaster their in, for good or worst.

However with the rise of the bitcoinbuilder, I’m not sure if it’s helping mtgox or ruining its evil plans, anything that is it is helping the people in need to move bitcoins around.

Mtgox bitcoin was around 0.35 when I posted about bitcoinbuilder in Hacker News and apparently got lots of traffic. Either that or being on a friday made an impact that almost the transactions in bitcoinbuilder was doubled from 7578.94335978 on Thursday night to 12913.5323738 on the time of writing (Sat 1950 EST). full trade history full trade history


This graph is made from the full trade history on bitcoinbuilder. you can see how the traffic and the number of transactions was increased in the past 2 days.

Now the questions that rises are, is it better to trade real BTCs to Mt.Gox BTCs and sit on them to see what happens? Or to use this arbitrage opportunity just to trade in and out and see when the whole thing comes to an end? or to just criticize why the graph is not that readable as it should be?

I just know the answer to the last question and that is, this is my first graph with python and it will be better if I have more bitcoins to trade with, just saying… 🙂



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