Blockchain Analytics will be the new black

Once upon a time I deposited some bitcoin in a darknet market …

I start following the coins in the blockchain…

Blockchain is this public ledger of all the transactions ever happened on Bitcoin network until right now.
Dakrnet Market is a marketplace that is only accessible through TOR network.

Almost all the markets have their own internal bitcoin wallet management that you have to deposit bitcoin to your account deposit address in order to have a positive balance to spend.

Thanks to for their great service.

following up the first attempt, I tried other available services for the same deposit address to see how important the visualization is.


At first I tried Jarvis by , I used to like their way of visualizing transactions, but for some reason their API seemed to be broken.

Actually the error on screen was:

Transaction-API-400: If ‘logicalOperator’ is null then all three fields, ‘field’, ‘comparisonOperator’ and ‘fieldValue’ must be present.

UPDATE: Apparently I was using older version of Jarvis UI that was using wrong API calls, and their API is working fine. Thanks to coinalytics for the fast response.

Then I tried numisight Blockchain explorer, that by my knowledge, was one of the first blockchain analysis tools. It used to be really fast, however apparently due to changes in underlying APIs and the closed-source nature of the project it has not been updated yet.

I found out that numisight is good if you want to find out if two addresses have a common transactions by crawling the transactions, however might not be the best option to get informations regarding the infrastructure broadcasting those transactions.



Disclaimer: These posts are just to share my experiences with anyone interested in this field. Even the songs on the background are the songs playing on Spotify while I’m working. There might not be any points achieved in the end.

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