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Collar Options Smart Contract

It’s been an exciting month for Velocity, after our Demo day at International Blockchain Week in Shanghai, we’ve been contacted by so many interesting people sharing Velocity vision. Built using blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts, the platform aims to make derivatives trading more transparent, accessible and secure. The decentralized options platform provides support for users Read More

Introducing Pricegeth, Publishing Crypto Price Pairs Every Ethereum Block

Introducing Pricegeth, Publishing Crypto Price Pairs Every Ethereum Block Decentralized apps and smart contracts get executed on the Ethereum blockchain. Although accessible when an internet connection is available, Dapps by themselves cannot connect to internet directly and fetch information. This is a problem for the distributed ecosystem. There are a few different approaches to solving this. Read More

The return of OP_Return

Bitcoin is a digital money, meaning it’s Digital, simple. It is based on 0s and 1s, as they say. A more efficient way of showing 0 and 1s is by using their hexadecimal representation a.k.a base 16. For example this is a raw bitcoin transaction: 010000000143da276966d494155e57b4dbebee3c698c72d260c3f6983734b49af29fffd88e010000006b483045022100d826eaff805130ec55a90cb5dd261e0f7ab02c918e0f2f1748c819c83ec94fcf0220561250a05bf5c6f7a0dd6d7eab1ae0414d5d5f194a9ddf94b3733a5409f921560121037d2542baf3a0ab1b00bffa5fbe045579f40f3572a0e0227b33a4bb13e7d85d06ffffffff020100000000000000246a22237375706572626974636f696e6572207375706572626974636f696e65722e636f6d59ee4300000000001976a91477bf6e7ff62bdad5237ec8a1da91f52b1628186388ac00000000 All historical data of all Bitcoin transactions ever happened are Read More

Top Bitcoin Mobile Wallets Prove Block Confirmation Time is a Myth

The block size debate might seem unimportant to people who don’t use bitcoin on a daily basis. However, the biggest challenge in bitcoin right now is dealing with confirmation time. This is especially true during peak transaction periods. The problem starts when lots of transactions propagate the network. It is possible to use higher network Read More