Feel The Ball – Bitcoin Tipping Game

[Post to be updated soon] never got the chance to write this blog, and it’s already too late for it. hopefully will write a better one for version 2. This is the support post for the game release version 1.5   UPDATE (Oct 2015): This game paid over 100 rewards. Read More

Plague Network hacking for fun and profit

Some nights ago I started playing with mitmproxy and was looking for something to poke on, Tinder was already taken by Rich Taylor and others. I’ve been using this new social network app that has a new way of spreading the posts called Plague. I liked its concept so… that was enough to poke it 🙂 Setup: mitmproxy Read More

Ledger Wallet Review (Part 1)

I received a Ledger Wallet From Bitcoin Embassy to do a full technical report on the device. without further ado, here is the log from when I started working with the Hardware wallet until …. Here is what is included in the package: It looks pretty neat. The only thing I found weird is the Read More

Tehran Traffic (iOS and Android)

I wrote Tehran Traffic version 1.0 in October 2010 as an experiment and for a while I thought I’m the only one using it. However, It got really popular among Iranians (Mostly tehranians) and It got around 20K downloads for 1.5 years it was up. From 2012 to 2014 I did not renew my Apple Developer Read More

A lost night in Launch Images

I used to take Apple Developer documentations as a holy book, they had everything, all the details needed to do anything, you just had to have the links in mind and look for them in the right place, but all in one great reference list. I decided to a long forgotten app in iOS AppStore Read More

Have your Coffee with Bitcoin #MTL

CAFÉ AUNJA: WHERE IT ALL BEGAN It’s around a cup of coffee that My Dear Montréal was born. A warm ambiance, a vintage decor, a welcoming staff and a lulling melody; we almost feel like home. Café Aunja offers a healthy menu that changes at the whim of the seasons, refreshing drinks and a large variety Read More

iCloud, The forced cloud transition

I own an iPhone 4 from the first day it was released till now (iPhone 6 was just announced today). I know myself as an iPhone expert but due to some issues with my iPhone 4 mainboard, I had not updated it to iOS 7.x till today (Mostly laziness and having the comfort zone in iOS 6 Read More

bitcoinbuilder, mtgox and all the forgotten hopes

As the time passes I focus more and more on bitcoins and put more energy and time one the whole idea. My personal reason is not money, but it’s unstability. Somehow in the course of life, Recently I decided to go as unstable as possible with highs as the sun and downs as … (let’s Read More

Grandma COBOL

The First “Computer Bug” Moth found trapped between points at Relay # 70, Panel F, of the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator while it was being tested at Harvard University, 9 September 1947. The operators affixed the moth to the computer log, with the entry: “First actual case of bug being found”. (The term “debugging” already Read More

Open Wallet Format (Converter for now)

I had a really hard time converting my Bitcoin-QT wallet.dat files to something that is possible to import to Multibit Wallet. (Not that hard but stupid to go all that way for something that should have been simple) So I ended up writing a python program to do so from now on. Github : https://github.com/shayanb/Open-Wallet-Format/ Open-Wallet-Format Read More

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