Django/Mysql on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Log-like errors and solutions while starting a project in Django with Mysql Database: Downloading Mysql for mac from: Install mysql-5.6.14-osx10.7-x86_64.pkg and the .prefs file for system preference control Installing django : sudo pip install django Installing MySQL-python : sudo pip install MySQL-Python ERROR: /private/tmp/pip-build-root/MySQL-python/distribute-0.6.28-py2.7.egg sh: mysql_config: command not found Traceback (most recent call last): File Read More


Evaluation of data mining techniques for malware detection using system-call sequences  ======================================================================== I  published my project for data mining course in the github. Take a look if you are researching in any area related to unix system call sequence analysis. It’s not a complicated code but a good implementation in Python. The presentation and the Read More

Good Old BackTracking

It’s been a while that I’ve used BT5, for various reasons I was integrating everything in the Mac OS X. but eventually I got to this conclusion that it’s better to have the good old hacking package in the virtual machine than to screw up all the normal work with the hacking stuff… not SAFE. Read More

3.5″ past digging

I had an old 3.5″ internal hard that I brought with me to Montreal 2 years ago. The data in the hard was for my PC back in Iran that had everything I had since 2000ish all in folders so messed up it took me awhile to see who I was and what happened that Read More

Another awesome Touch ID hack this time in Iran

Here is the summary from thehackernews: An Iranian group of iPhone Geeks from Tehran running a blog i.e. “” contacted ‘The Hacker News‘ with another awesome Touch ID hack, shown that how they defeated the very basic phenomenon of Fingerprinting scanner i.e. “No two Fingerprints are exactly alike“. (Greets to Bashir Khoshnevis , Mohsen Lotfi , Read More

Note2Self – Add WordPress Admin User

Just a usefull query to add wordpress admin user via sql access (phpmyadmin, php shell or anything 3117 😉 ) adding the user to the database: insert into `wp_users` values (USER_ID,’USERNAME’,’PASSWORD’,’NICKNAME’,’EMAIL’,’WEBSITE’,’TIME’,’ACTIVATIONKEY’,0,’DISPLAYNAME’); e.g: insert into `wp_users` values (2,’admin1′,’password’,’admin1′,’’,’’,’2012-07-22 09:18:41′,’1234qwer’,0,’admin1′); adding the required permissions as an Admin to the user INSERT INTO `wp_usermeta` VALUES (ID, USERID, ‘wp_capabilities’, Read More

Unfinished business of forgotten UDIDs


I came around the news of the leaked UDIDs from an FBI officers laptop... hhmmm good thing to go deeper

So basically what you should do to get the list (with proper censorship and privacy s#its of course) is :

Download links:
first check the file MD5:
(lol yes, a “1337” there for the lulz, God is in the detail) {{LOL}}

Read More

Geeky solution for a simple disaster

Hello My Old friend, We met again…!

Hello My Old friend, We met again…!

I had an accident on Thursday with my skateboard with the result of a crack on one of my ribs and lots of bruises (the ribs hurt like hell though). Also, I had a moving on Saturday to my new place that was almost like I was crunching my ribs slowly. anyhow, finally I’m here and with some reaver and Fern wifi cracker (much better than the old style airodump-ng and all but less general results) I have some internet connections.

While unpacking, I found a Motorola SurfBoard SB5101 being connected to the internet under the bed (weird). It doesn’t have any wireless functionality so I decided to buy a wireless router and I found a used dlink one as cheap as $20 but as I said I wasn’t in a mood to get out and pick it up 🙂

So I decided to bundle up what I have to see what can I do. these are what I have around: Read More



Finally got sendrawpdu by pod2g compiled and ready to be used!

too bad I have to go out  tonight, I can’t wait to play around the pdu bits!

ps. I’m gonna start blogging about my recent works soon… (hopefully;) ) Read More

iPod nano 6th Gen Hacking

I’ve been working around Apple iPhone firmwares for a long time, but on iPods my only experience was on the time of some cache-playing hacks that came out on iPod nano 6th generation on firmware 1.0 (

I wanted to check some plists on the firmware a while ago and because it took me a long time to decrypt the 1.2 firmware with the new addresses I’m just logging my work here for further use by me or anyone else interested. Read More

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