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Once there were 184 Billion Bitcoins

The initial idea for this post came to me when I noticed nowadays for every Bitcoin protocol update we might end up with an altcoin (BCH, B2X, …) by a group whom resist the changes to the main code repository. As a thought experiment I started to wonder, what would have happened if this fork Read More

The return of OP_Return

Bitcoin is a digital money, meaning it’s Digital, simple. It is based on 0s and 1s, as they say. A more efficient way of showing 0 and 1s is by using their hexadecimal representation a.k.a base 16. For example this is a raw bitcoin transaction: 010000000143da276966d494155e57b4dbebee3c698c72d260c3f6983734b49af29fffd88e010000006b483045022100d826eaff805130ec55a90cb5dd261e0f7ab02c918e0f2f1748c819c83ec94fcf0220561250a05bf5c6f7a0dd6d7eab1ae0414d5d5f194a9ddf94b3733a5409f921560121037d2542baf3a0ab1b00bffa5fbe045579f40f3572a0e0227b33a4bb13e7d85d06ffffffff020100000000000000246a22237375706572626974636f696e6572207375706572626974636f696e65722e636f6d59ee4300000000001976a91477bf6e7ff62bdad5237ec8a1da91f52b1628186388ac00000000 All historical data of all Bitcoin transactions ever happened are Read More

Top Bitcoin Mobile Wallets Prove Block Confirmation Time is a Myth

The block size debate might seem unimportant to people who don’t use bitcoin on a daily basis. However, the biggest challenge in bitcoin right now is dealing with confirmation time. This is especially true during peak transaction periods. The problem starts when lots of transactions propagate the network. It is possible to use higher network Read More

Miner’s deal

I’ve been working full time on Bitcoin related products for the last 2 years and every day I’m more fascinated by things I figure out, however some of them are mostly speculation and not really facts for now. My take on this graph On November 12th, 2015 between 17:17 to 19:17 EST this spike happened Read More

BIP210 Proposal (DOA)

Considering current P2SH (multisiginature) implementation in bitcoin-core [bitcoin.org] ,for any set of 3 public keys we have six possible 2 out of 3 multisig addresses. The order of the keys in the set has direct effect on address generation and even signing one multisignature transaction. let me show you what I mean: let’s say we have these 3 addresses Read More

A quick look at Helix by Grams

I read about Helix by Grams a week ago as the new best Bitcoin cleaner so I thought to give it a look. They call them selves as the best because it’s not just coin mixing service, but you would get clean bitcoins for your dirty ones, comparing to other coinmixing services that you would get some Read More

Ledger Wallet Review (Part 1)

I received a Ledger Wallet From Bitcoin Embassy to do a full technical report on the device. without further ado, here is the log from when I started working with the Hardware wallet until …. Here is what is included in the package: It looks pretty neat. The only thing I found weird is the Read More

Have your Coffee with Bitcoin #MTL

CAFÉ AUNJA: WHERE IT ALL BEGAN It’s around a cup of coffee that My Dear Montréal was born. A warm ambiance, a vintage decor, a welcoming staff and a lulling melody; we almost feel like home. Café Aunja offers a healthy menu that changes at the whim of the seasons, refreshing drinks and a large variety Read More

Open Wallet Format (Converter for now)

I had a really hard time converting my Bitcoin-QT wallet.dat files to something that is possible to import to Multibit Wallet. (Not that hard but stupid to go all that way for something that should have been simple) So I ended up writing a python program to do so from now on. Github : https://github.com/shayanb/Open-Wallet-Format/ Open-Wallet-Format Read More